Established in October 2015, APERSU is an intermediary office that connects the EuroQol foundation with non-commercial users of EQ-5D instruments and other patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in the province of Alberta, Canada. This unit secures licensing for the use of EQ-5D instruments, and supports research and use of other PROMs in Alberta.


APERSU’s vision is “to improve decisions by end-users and stakeholders about health and health care in Alberta by promoting, coordinating, and supporting the use of EQ-5D and other patient-reported outcome measures for the measurement and valuation of health”.


APERSU’s objectives include:

  • Provide expertise, advice and support for the application of the various EQ-5D instruments and other patient-reported outcome measures by provincial end-users.
  • Provide oversight and coordination of various non-commercial applications of the EQ-5D instruments in Alberta.
  • Serve as a liaison between Alberta-based end-users and the EuroQol Foundation.
  • Facilitate collaborative research among EuroQol Group members with Alberta end-users working with EQ-5D data in the context of large-scale health applications.
  • Generate information for population health and economic modeling studies to support health policy.

Partnerships and Agreements

APERSU was developed in partnership with Alberta Health Services (AHS), Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), the EuroQol Foundation, and Alberta Health, and is hosted at the School of Public Health, University of Alberta.

Organizational Structure

The APERSU Team includes Co-Directors Dr. Jeff Johnson & Dr. Arto Ohinmaa, Research Manager Dr. Fatima Al Sayah, and Research Administrator Sherry Lydynuik. The team is supported by a Board of Directors with representatives from Alberta Health Services, Health Quality Council of Alberta, University of Alberta – School of Public Health and the EuroQol Foundation, and a Scientific Advisory Committee, with provincial, national and international representatives.

APERSU Members

Jeffrey A. Johnson, PhD

APERSU Co-Director

Arto Ohinmaa, Ph.D

APERSU Co-Director

Fatima Al Sayah, PhD

APERSU Research Manager

Sherry Lydynuik

APERSU Administrative Manager

Hilary Short, MSc

APERSU Research Coordinator

Allison Soprovich, BScN, MPH

APERSU End-User Support Lead

Oacia Fair, MSc

APERSU End-User Support Coordinator

Stafford Dean, PhD [Chair]

Board of Directors

A. Simon Pickard, PhD

Board of Directors

Markus Lahtinen, PhD

Board of Directors

Alex Alexander, MD

Board of Directors

Jiabi (Jacqueline) Wen

APERSU Research Trainee

Ademola Itiola

APERSU Research Trainee

Lilla Roy

APERSU Research Trainee